Sharing knowledge, simplifying the complex, connecting ideas.

We connect – ourselves and people – through a flexible network model


Our consistency is based on a diverse range of work and recruitment policies.

We are consistent.

We specially developed tools and skills to better meet the needs of our teams – to make their work experience satisfactory, happy and fun.

Joining and Leaving

How We Recruit
We are interested in knowing the people we recruit - we'll approach you through the star recruitment method, we'll call you by your name and we'll ask you to have a greater conscience about your own limits. We interview people not only for the job but for the community and its growth.
Our approach to development
We have a very clear goal: to give all means and knowledge to make our teams completely autonomous and efficient. Our On Boarding program is the first step of our approach to individual development: we speak with our team and we do everything to make everyone new feel at home since the first day. We focus on employee and candidate experience.

Work With Us

Work Together Anywhere
Byon promotes an inclusive and flexible environment. Flexibility involves having an open, team-centered attitude, and retaining a strong sense of identity and purpose, so we have designed Work Together Anywhere to promote flexibility, not forgetting the relevance of Team and Purpose. We allow our people to decide where they prefer to work - internationaly, nationaly and in our offices.
Clean Desk Policies
A place for everything and everything in its place. We believe that a clean environment is synonym to a clean mind. We have developed tools that help our community in their daily tasks, as well as having a clean and wide work environment. Part of this program is a clean desk policy: at Byon all our collaborators have all the means to daily clean and organize their work tools.
Where We Are
Byon started as a small start-up located in Baião. We then moved to Maia and later to Matosinhos, where our biggest headquarters are located now. Nowadays we still (and will) have teams working in Baião and Bragança, because we believe that keeping and nurturing our roots is the first step to progress.

Why We Are Here

We can’t think global if we don’t think local.

The development of opportunities and the talent catch of the interior of Portugal is one of our ways of action, in a close collaboration with IPB – Instituto Politécnico de Bragança and other institutions for the development and creation of the right set of circumstances in these regions.