Sharing knowledge, simplifying the complex, connecting ideas.

We Are Solvers

Who We Are

Recognised by our ability to provide a professional, specialised and efficient service through our people.

We work to be the leading place for new and challenging projects in Telecom, Energy engineering solutions and Smart Cities projects.

We have a worldwide area of action, with three engineering centers in Portugal and seven operational centers in France. Our services are focused mainly in France, Portugal, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. We combine a great internal environment, with a strategic view on the industries we work with, to create solutions that improve decision-making, simplify complex processes and empower people.

We are solvers, our mission is to find solutions and we act and communicate accordingly – effectively, clearly, and quickly. Our values are simple and effective: working together, agility and bias for action.

Working Together
To collaborate is to work together aiming a unique goal — we align and clarify goals and processes with all stakeholders.
To collaborate is to make brainstorming one of our priorities — we promote an inclusive environment, where all ideas are addressed in an open and frank dialogue. We diverge to converge.
To collaborate is to promote accountability — creating a decision making process fluid and fast.
To be agile is to be solution oriented - we work through processes and tools that allow fast and suitable answers.
To be agile is to be constantly improving ourselves - we overthink our ways of working to create even better ways of reaching our goals.
One tool to be agile is to orient our processes through automation. Wild designing processes give people freedom.
Bias For Action
Bias for action is to clearly connect ideas - we are execution oriented, our processes are simple and we avoid bureaucracy and layers of approval.
Bias for action is to not be afraid of uncertainty - we accept error as part of our constant growth and learning process.
Bias for action is allowing a high degree of autonomy - execution needs to be an organic process.